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Strength A Exercises

Exercises in Strength A

Strength A is about developing strength via deadlifts, squats, and basic strength movements to build raw power. That’s where the the building muscle phase, but it’s building the muscles that you use constantly in the baseball. So and during baseball, so pitches. You’ll see a lot of single leg step ups which basically is a single leg movement. Much of Strength A is done in the off-season.

Strength A Exercises

Strength A is about brute and basic strength.

  • Squats
  • Dead Lifts Progressive
  • Heavy Kettle Bell Step Up Knee Ups
  • Heavy Kettle Bell Step Up Knee Up wResistance
  • Heavy Single Leg Kettle Bell Step Ups
  • Heavy Kettle Bell Farmers Walk
  • Single Arm Rear Deltoid Lat Swings
  • Bent Over Rows Dual
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