Tech Support for SSI


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about installing and using the Sports Science Index app.

Use the accordion how to sections to better understand the app.

How-To Use Features

To install the app, click on one of the icons at the bottom of the page. Be sure to allow push notifications as you install the app. Register using the email of your choice.

In the first assessment, read the scoring statement and select a 0 to 10 score. Pick the one that makes the most sense at the moment, but don’t worry too much about your first scores.

The dashboard will show your overall level of optimization in the three areas – Physical, Mental and Lifestyle, as well as your “gap” which is the amount that you could improve.

When you click on My Scores at the top of the screen you can see each factor that went into your assessment. Within these factors are online pages of content, including exercise videos, which are in the physical factors.

When you click through each factor to the “Online Content” there is information in video format. For the physical factors, if you scroll down, you will see additional video playlists.

To get to the exercise videos, you must be a paid subscribing member. Then navigate to one of the 5 physical focus factors which lead to the exercise videos. They are: Physical Balance, Sports Specific Training, the Kinetic Chain, Avoiding Injuries, and Existing Injuries.

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