Pro-Optimized Baseball Programs

Baseball Training for the Pros, College Players, High School and Youth

Based on decades of work, with some of the best major league players, Iron Glenn Freeman has developed a tested methodology to not only improve the strengths of the athlete, but to keep them healthy and free from injury.

The Pro-Optimized Baseball training program consists of the Sports Science Index mobile app, which contains 98 of Glenn’s best training videos. These videos are position specific and movement specific to build additional power, speed and agility in those muscle groups. The app covers three areas for the athlete – the Physical aspects of being an exceptional player, the Mental aspects of a professional player, and the Lifestyle choices an athlete might make which have long term financial and career implications.

In addition to the app and videos, Glenn makes regular social posts on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. And for subscribers there are additional videos, and a regular newsletter which cover the changes in the play seasons to keep the serious athlete right on track.

About Iron Glenn Freeman,
Sports Performance Expert

Glenn Freeman, Sports Performance Expert, has been training top name athletes for the past 4 decades. Over that time he has developed a tried and true method. His “Circle of Balance” provides a unique and powerful training regimen for the serious athlete. Glenn understands the sacrifices you’re making: getting up early for training, doing two sessions a day, spending hours in the baton cage, or studying film on hitters. Glenn knows that mastering your craft by training in just the right way will put you in the best position to max out your playing career.

2023 Year ‘Round Baseball Training Program

What does his program include?
The Iron Glenn Program includes the Circle of Balance, over 75 unique exercises and special routines based on the position played and the point in the season.

Some players do things they enjoy, but don’t have time for during the season. Some of them play golf, tennis, fish and/or hunt in addition to training. Players are encouraged to take at least three weeks to unload, rest and recover before starting off-season training.

For most pro players spring training is the biggest preseason event in the MLB, a month-long period of exhibition games played between the 30 MLB teams. During spring training, the 30 teams are divided into two preseason leagues, the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues, and play games against each other in order to prepare for the coming season. The calendar is based on whether the league is the majors, or collegiate, or youth sports.

During Season
During the season sometimes things change dramatically and suddenly, and the training aspect is quite dynamic based on what is happening out on the field.

Position Specific Exercises

The IronGlenn Exercise Sets plus his “Circle of Balance” contained in the Sports Science Index app provide a unique and powerful training regimen for the serious athlete.

There are eleven groups of exercises, which are designed to help players work on the specifics for their positions.

The groups begin with “The Core”. The Core exercise group is for all players to strengthen and protect the athletes body. The core is the foundation of the Iron Glenn program; if you don’t have a strong and a functional core, you’re going to be prone to a lot of injuries. Here are the other ten Groups:

  1. Pitcher Specific Exercises
  2. Catcher’s Exercises
  3. Batter’s Exercises
  4. Infielder’s Exercises
  5. Outfielder’s Exercises
  6. Shoulder Stability Exercises
  7. Stride Exercises
  8. Exercises for Glutes
  9. Strength A Group
  10. Strength B Group


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