Sports Science Index Mobile App

Technology to Improve Your Strengths

Beyond the patent-pending algorithm, and with all of this world class content, the Sports Science Index app helps players in four basic ways, the so-called pillars of success: 

Prioritization. It is so easy for people to get overwhelmed with too much information and to do lists that are too long. The Patent-Pending algorithm, which works on a unique weighted ranking system, uncovers the three most important things to focus on today.

Education. Most people have a lot to learn about where they need to improve. Every module has links to custom content, as well as publicly available content, as a user, you can click on anything you want, whenever you want, to learn more about that topic. 

There are dozens of videos to help you understand things ranging from position specific exercise routines, to how not to  get injured in sports, and how to measure the effects of other lifestyle choices.

Engagement. It’s easy for you to forget what’s next so the Sports Science Index sends friendly push notifications to your device each day.

Data. Once you begin to use the app on a regular basis, you will begin to see a chart of your progress, on your overall goals, and at the Factor level.

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