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Batters Exercises

Batting Exercises

This Iron Glenn Exercise Set plus his “Circle of Balance” provide a unique and powerful training regimen for the serious athlete. This exercise group is for batters, as well as all players to strengthen and help protect your body from injury.

Batters Exercises

These exercises may be used in off-season and early pre-season training and can make a noticeable difference and provide the competitive edge the athlete is looking for. Using a resistance band, we can put the resistance into the desired plane of motion to work that groove. The TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) bar is also a great tool for improving hitting power for pro baseball players. 

List of Batters Exercises: (play them above)

  • Resistance Band Standing Rotation Ankle
  • Resistance Band Single Arm Outside Swing
  • Resistance Band Reverse Check Swing
  • Resistance Band Outside Swing Pause
  • Resistance Band Lunge Trunk Rotations
  • Resistance Band Kneeling Rotations
  • Resistance Band Inside Swing Heavy Band
  • Resistance Band High Low Middle Swings
  • Resistance Band High-Low-Mid Swing TRX Single Hand Wrist Forearm
  • Resistance Band Bottom Inside Swing
  • Heavy Core Chop Standing with Pause
  • Heavy Core Chop Laying Down with Pause
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