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Outfielders Exercises

Exercises for Outfielders

Outfielders need a lot of  “long stride” movements. The exercises often contain a sequence. If you look at one of the outfield videos, they explain the application, including the long stride benefits. Long Stride Jumps are an example. If you ever seen the Hulk movies, when he jumps? That’s an example of single leg jumps. During the exercise you can go into a burpee and then you jump right into a Sprint? This helps with sprint endurance.

Outfielders Exercises

Specialty Exercises for Outfielders:

  • Heavy Resistance High Knees in Place
  • Burpees into Long Stride Single Leg Hop
  • 30 Yard Walking Lunge and Sprint
  • 30 Yard Side Lateral Drop Sprint with Plate
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