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Who's the Man?

Adapt to your role

Knowing the level of importance the role that you play on your team and in your home life.

This is key to understanding the stress of being “the man” responsible and how to control the love of stress that comes your way.

To improve your score on this factor, here are some key steps you can take to make progress in this area:

  1. Even if you’re not the alpha dog on your team it is imperative to be the alpha dog in your home.
  2. Set rules of engagement at home.
  3. Make sure everyone is doing their part to maintain the peace and tranquility that you need and demand.
  4. But if your are the alpha dog on your team that makes you to leader, being the leader you must know when to be firm and when not to be.
  5. You must be the calm during the storm and lead by example.
  6. To be a alpha among alpha’s you must walk it like you talk it.

Be a man of your word and say what you mean and mean what you say. Respect is not a option give it and demand it back.

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