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Workouts and Exercises

Does your training training program incorporate movements which are comparable to the movements that you do on the field? Are your workouts focused to give you movement specific strength and speed to play better?  The IronGlenn program is based on sports specific training.

The app will help you to have the conversation with your trainer or teams trainer staff to start you with a program that’s designed to help you become the player you should be. Or you can follow our program and all the exercise and training videos that are included in the app to get help.

The IronGlenn Exercise Collection plus his “circle of balance” provide a unique a powerful supplement for the serious athlete.

These can make the difference provide the edge the athlete is looking for. You may have some questions, which will be answered in the program, such as: What is so special about these exercises? Aren’t these already covered by the ball club trainers?


Once your training regimen has been set up to address all of your goals… strength, agility, speed and to prevent injuries, you can then focus on your effort of rebuilding the sports machine which is you.

Your trainer should design a program specifically geared to you and your position, using the principles of the Iron Glenn method, allowing you to stay healthy and perform to the best of your true abilities.

Once you have corrected the muscular imbalances with the injury preventive training, you will once again sit with your trainer and now design training a program that is conducive to enhancing your ability to play at your specific position.

Continue to preform these movements on a consistent basis and track your improvements in the field of play. As you incorporate these into your routine, make sure to use good form for the movements so that you don’t create muscle imbalances (which could cause injuries.)

Exercise Collection  – Here are the groups of specialty exercises, which are included in the full subscription program:

  • Pitchers
  • Catchers
  • Batters
  • Infielders
  • Outfielders
  • Strength A
  • Strength B
  • Shoulder Stability
  • Stride
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