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Retirement Goals and Planning

Have you created retirement goals and have a plan in place that will allow you to support your current lifestyle level later in life?

The Sports Science Index and the Iron Glenn program helps you with your lifestyle as well as debt and spending control. If it’s early on in your career and you decided to get the app, well good for you. You’ve made the right move.

You will not believe how many times I’ve heard players say, “I wish I hadn’t met you when you were younger,” but if you’re in the midpoint of your career, it’s okay too. The good thing about baseball, you could play 15, 20 years depending on how you take care of the machine that is you.

It’s never too soon to think about life after baseball and start planning. Even if you played 20 years, you’ll be retiring in your forties and still a relatively young man. And if you’re fortunate, you’ll have another 40, 50 years left to take care of yourself and your family.

But how will you do that?

How will you maintain the lifestyle that you wanted to have after baseball? This is where having a good financial advisor and a good agent working together to grow your business. I’m pretty sure you all have agents, and if you have a financial advisor, good If you don’t, I suggest you get one and do the research.
Make sure your financial advisor and your agent are on the same page, but always remember they both work for you.

To improve your score on this factor, here are other steps you can take to make progress:

By setting yourself up as a business you should have your retirement goals in place.
a) Can you maintain your current lifestyle?
b) Is your business making money and self sufficient?
c) Is your current support group self sufficient?
d) Do you have the proper assets?
Make sure to live within your allotted budgets while working towards your future goals.
Constantly remind yourself that there’s nothing wrong with living comfortable. Do not try to impress other people by “keeping up with the Joneses”.

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