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Home and Career Stability

Home stability is important because that is where you rest.

ll the mental, physical, and financial together make up the circle of balance that helps you be the best you can be. Think about all the focus factors and the ones you choose to prioritize. The majority of you will probably focus on the physical first, but that’s okay.

Your work in progress. Rome wasn’t built in the day. The purpose of the app is to be consistent with your daily effort. Try to improve on things little by little. Every day is a brand new day to improve. Try not to focus on everything, but focus on important things.

The app will show you what’s most important every day. And as you start checking factors off your list, you will start to see your home and life and career improve. You will start to feel physically stronger and more balanced. And by feeling stronger and more balanced, you will see you are staying healthier and staying healthier.

You are more productive on the field, and by being healthier and more productive, you are more available. And when your team sees that, they will be more willing to give you a long-term deal. But the work doesn’t stop there. Remember, you are a business and the purpose of being a business is to have it grow on and off the field, and that’s the importance of your support system. They should be helping you stay mentally balanced and focused on the ultimate goal, a stable home, and a healthy and productive machine.

Games are grueling the season is long, you want peace and a stress free environment when you get home to insure peaceful and proper rest which aids recovery.

Key Tasks:
Here are some things you can do to improve this factor:

  1. Start having difficult conversations with family members about the life of a start baseball player.
  2. Talk to your wife or significant other about the stress of being on the road and how you need your home to be a peaceful sanctuary.
  3. Give family members jobs and tasks to relieve your work load, this also helps them from becoming liabilities and it also gives then a sense of worth.
  4. Start focusing earring money on and off the field.
  5. Focus on public perception and likability.
  6. Interact with the fans in a positive way.

Having a stable home and family structure helps to keep stress and worrying to a minimum.

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