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The Cost to be The Boss

Do you understand the mental, physical and financial impact of being the boss?

You know the sacrifices you’re making up early training, doing two sessions a day, hours in the baton cage, or studying film on hitters.
Mastering your craft to put yourself in the best position to be successful. Time on the road away from your family, sacrificing, hanging out and partying to become the best player that you can be. You are the boss. You pay the cost. Always remember that, and it’s okay to remind people of that.

It’s not easy being the top dog or the alpha wolf, but someone has to do it and that someone is you. So remember:

A) Always lead by example.
B) Be respectful.
C) Understand the people on your team.
D) Make sure that they understand you.
E) Taking some time alone is always a good thing.

Remember, you can’t recharge while in use.

Here are some other steps you can take, to improve your score on this factor:

Put up a vision board that has your goals on it, it will constantly reminds you of the sacrifices you make on a daily basis. hours in the gym, months on the road away from your family creating a business to provide yourself and your family the lifestyle that they are living.
Don’t be rude about it but in your own kind way make sure everyone around you know the weight that you carry on a daily basis. and that their hard work is appreciated.
And if your the leader on your team you must lead by example. do not just talk the walk you have to walk the walk. Be the straw that stirs the drink.
And at home in order to have a truly stress free environment you must do your part there as well. You don’t need to yell to get your point across but you do have be stern and speak to everyone with confidence and authority.

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