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Your Support System

Work on the support that you give to your circle and the support you get from them in return

Let us talk about your support system. This app helps you with your lifestyle debt and spending control and your retirement goals and planning. Let’s talk about your support system first.

This is another piece of a puzzle to your success. This might not seem critical, but it absolutely is. Your trusted family members and friends, your spouse or your girlfriend, your agent and your trainer and financial advisor in one form or another are all connected. The sooner you understand that, the better off you’ll be. They are all still part of your corporation, which is you. You are the business. They are your support system. Mentally, physically, financially. They should all be on the same page as you. They should all be looking out for your best interest because your best interest is their best interest. And if you succeed, then they succeed.

And hopefully they all understand that. Get the family and friends. They understand outside of the parents and the kids, no one gets a free ride. If possible, give them all designated jobs and hold them accountable. Make sure their jobs are helping and not hurting the business. Have weekly meetings if possible with everyone, agent, financial advisor included.

Make sure they’re doing their jobs as well as making money on the field and off the field. Have your business planned in order and make sure everyone, and I mean everyone is part of it.

I was once given some amazing advice by a private client who was very successful in finance. He told me that those that don’t plan accordingly plan to fail miserly, and that is one of the tenants that I live by.

To improve your score on this factor, here are other steps you can take to make progress in this area:

Find a mentor on and off the field. True mentors help keep you grounded. They also help guide you on the field and in life.
Understand who in your family you know you can count on. do not surround yourself with yes men. you need someone close to you who can tell you no.
Support those that understand the big picture and reward them for it. if they do well it makes your job easier and you will do well.

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