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How Are You Feeling

How are you feeling now?

How you’re currently feeling? – If any of the past injuries have become chronic and are they currently bothering you or have any lingering effects.

To improve your score on this factor, here are some key steps you can take to make progress in this area:

Start by getting a full detail physical and a complete kinetic chain assessment athletic assessment.
Along with the complete physical and kinetic chain assessment, you will also want to get a metabolic test and stress test done. The metabolic test will help determine the optimum ranges of active and resting heart rates, and optimum training heart rate zones for exercise. And the stress test will help determine how strong your heart is and how well it recovers after being under duress.
Go over your injury history and create a time line on how long it took for you to recover and compare it to what the medical average time of recovery is.

Once your training regimen has been set up to address and prevent injuries you can then focus on properly rebuilding the sports machine which is you.

Your trainer should design a program specifically geared to you and your position, allowing you to stay healthy and perform to the best of your true abilities.

Once you have corrected the muscular imbalances with the injury preventive training, you will once again sit with your trainer and now design training a program that is conducive to enhancing your ability to play your specific position.

Continue to preform these movements on a consistent basis and track your improvements in the field of play. Make sure to properly perform these movements so that you don not create muscle imbalances which could cause injuries.

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