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Pro-Optimized Baseball Now Available on the Sports Science Index!

The Sports Science Index delivers highly personalized sport specific coaching for the mental, physical, and in some cases financial that enables athletes to consistently exceed expectations through focus and prioritization. Pro-Optimized Baseball is the first program module now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The Pro-Optimized Baseball Program Module encompasses the life work of pro sports trainer Iron Glenn Freeman and identifies the 30 topics that have the greatest impact on the athletes performance, across mental, physical, and financial aspects of his or her career. For the physical, there are position specific exercises that are focused on proper biomechanics and utioiz9ng the kinetic chain. In the case of the mental, there is specific guidance on how to manage stress, both on the field and off. Not only do these 30 topics, known as Focus Factors, help the athlete improve, they also help them avoid injury, as well as recover from injury. Together these 30 Focus Factors are scored by the athlete for how they are doing on a score of 1-10, and matched with an importance weighting. From that the athlete gets a daily list of the three most important things for them to work on today.


What does SSI do that separates it from other self-improvement solutions?

The core aspect of every SSI module is that it leverages is a patent pending algorithm that processes the individual input of each user to recommend the top three things for them to work on every time they use the app. It’s powered by a proprietary algorithm called “inverse weighted ranking” and the user experience is similar to having a personal coach interact with them.

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