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One of the keys to the IronGlenn Program is the “Circle of Balance”

The IronGlenn Exercise Collection plus his “Circle of Balance” which is measured in 21 Focus Factors in the Sports Science Index provide a unique and powerful training advantage for the serious athlete. These can provide an edge and just what the athlete is looking for.

The Circle of Balance:

What is the IronGlenn “circle of balance”? What is magic about these three areas for the serious athlete? There are three categories, containing 21 factors, and the app identifies these for each person. Performance on the field isnt just about the physical aspects; it also includes sports psychology, and lifestyle factors which have a huge impact on the athletes overall success.

These are:

The Physical Aspects of Training
  • Sport specific training
  • The Kinetic Chain
  • Physical balance
  • Existing injuries and history
  • Preventing new injuries
  • Fueling and maintaining the machine
  • How are you’re feeling right now
The Mental Game
  • Mental Balance.
  • What Is stress?
  • Adapting to the moment
  • Home and career stability
  • Peace of mind
  • Today is a brand new day
  • Home and career stability
Finances and Lifestyle
  • Who’s the man?
  • Your money
  • You are a business
  • Lifestyle level
  • Debt and spending control
  • Retirement goals & planning
  • Your support system
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