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MLB All Star Nelson Cruz Talks About the Sports Science Index

The Sports Science Index (SSI) app is a combination of a patent pending algorithm people have been leveraging for years to help them achieve specific goals together with the world class coaching and training of Glenn Freeman, better known as IronGlenn.  Glenn has been working with pro athletes for over 20 years, one of whom is Nelson Cruz, seven-time Major League All-Star.   We spent time with Nelson to hear him talk about baseball, Glenn, and SSI and here is some video of that.

A couple of notable quotes from Nelson in this video – “when I use the Sports Science Index, I have access to Glenn’s videos every day.” And “the difference with Glenn – the exercises he gives you are all related to baseball. So, when you are in the box, or when you are running, or you are throwing, every muscle that you use, you feel it right away.   This is why I work with Glenn – your body is in balance, he makes sure you work on the right side and the left side – it’s complex – it’s everything, so when you are on the field, you feel like you are in command of your body.”

Nelson talks about why baseball is so hard, and he talks about the importance of balance in training and how that is such a key part of why he continues to work with Glenn.

For more about the background of One Item, this article posted to Geekwire is thorough in explaining some of the work done before One Item added the SSI Baseball app.

2023 is the first year of the SSI app, so for people who start to use it first, will have what’s sort of like a secret weapon.  Pro athletes have been paying Glenn for this training and coaching for years, and now you can have it in your back pocket and use it every day.  What are you waiting for?

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