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You are a Business

As part of your professional career, you are now a business!

You might tell people you’re a baseball player, but you’re also a business making, managing, spending your money. You are CEO, or should I just call you the boss? Or how about the top dog or maybe the big kahuna? No matter what name you choose to go by, you are now the owner of your own company and no one’s going to manage it for you. Now, how big or small your company becomes, it’s all up to you and the team that you put in place.

No one expects you to play in games, be a family man, and have a social life and on top of that, run your own company. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with the right trusted people.

Trust must be earned, and that is vital. We’ve all heard horror stories about agents, managers, friends, even family members stealing money from players.

Iron Glenn Keys To Understanding Your Business

You may be saying to yourself, what does a trainer know about business?

  • Number one, you are the boss.
  • Number two, outside of your parents, wife and kids, no one gets a free ride.
  • Number three, everyone has a job no matter what.
  • Number four, make sure everyone’s doing the job. Trust is the key. Pay close attention.
  • Number five, learn about your money and your investments. Understanding what your financial guy is doing.
  • Number six, your agent works for you. It’s not the other way around.
  • Number seven, make sure you’re doing your job on and off the field so that your agent can do your job, making you money on and off the field with things like endorsements
  • Number eight, make sure everyone is doing their job.

I know I said it before, but I need to drive that point home. They all work for you. Make sure that they’re all doing their jobs. This is just like staying in shape. It’s not always fun, but you always have to stay on top of it to keep making progress in this area.

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